Art, music, and everything beautiful.
Art, music, and everything beautiful.
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David Starfire is a really great DJ and musician. He's had some great albums that combine world music with modern electronic music. But his latest project is really unique and quite inspirational. David Starfire is planning on making an album with Burmese Refugees in Thailand. Proceeds from the album sales will go directly back to their community for language and educational services. It is a really cool project and a great way to help out people in need. He's calling the album "Karuna", which means compassion in Sanskrit, and refers to the desire to remove suffering from people that are displaced from their homeland. Pretty cool stuff, and it's for a great cause. Check out the Kickstarter page for more information, it truly is a great cause. I personally cannot wait to hear the album that comes out of all this!

Kickstarter link:

Video Link:

And for those of you that have not heard an of this artists work, here is a link to my personal favorite song.


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