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Art, music, and everything beautiful.
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Here at Castle Makeout

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Green Dreams have put out a new record- a freshly unearthed emerald, slightly polished but utterly classic, its wealth of facets rooted firmly in solid rock.

In another time, Here at Castle Makeout was something you would only catch on a radio wave broadcast at off-peak hours. Castle Makeout is a tape you made from your older sister’s record collection. Green Dreams excites. Fun straight out the gate. But when you flip the tape for the fifth time and dig in a little deeper you can see why the girl you look up to (despite not understanding any of her shit) is so deep into this band. A saltcellar fortune teller you can play by yourself. A friendship bracelet made for everyone moved as hard as you are. Intensely personal moments on blast.


Green Dreams are glue. They are a magnetic field charged to attract hot guitars and zen kōans. Genres come second, what shakes your ass- or your fist- is cherry picked from all over based on feels right and stuck together. It’s black T-shirt music, okay? File under: Panserbjørne. Interests include tarot cards, social science, responsible hedonism, howling at the moon, riffs, life.


This record shows off the rare talent that is able to bring fury and positivity together. Here at Castle Makeout might be your best chance for authentic good times in a post-Chainsaw world. Green Dreams will let their anger loose and still pause for beauty. Not (just) by writing a slow number or casting an occasional sidelong wink at the Shangri-Las as well as Shocking Blue, their songs can shift from angry to pretty (or vice versa) because Green Dreams have a good understanding of where different types of heightened heartbeat overlap. They write songs that do both and the result is dramatic and real. Don’t call it nostalgia just because you feel young again. Put your headphones on, spit in your palms, shake the nation down to its foundation.

Green Dreams Here at Castle Makeout available through their website. Green Dreams basement show, live at City Grows, Pittsburgh. h/t Mallory Ortberg

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