Art, music, and everything beautiful.
Art, music, and everything beautiful.

Although that is my personal opinion. I hope it is yours too of course! Here are a few of their tunes to get you on the Wilco train.

Jesus Etc is a perfect example of Wilco's earlier style. The cool thing about Wilco is that every album is different. They know how to make each one a story.

California Stars is a Woody Guthrie song that was never made. Guthrie's family asked Billy Bragg to make the unpublished songs a reality. So Bragg asked Wilco to help. They did, and these songs were born. The cool thing about this album is that the songs, while lyrically Guthrie's, the music and tunes were all made by Bragg and Wilco.

Wilco's romantic yet kind strange love song is one if their most popular. It can be heard on the radio and quite a few other places.

A depressing and beautiful song. Just listen and relax.

A cool little known song by Wilco. Hard to find and impossible to purchase nowadays. Quirky and upbeat. Unique as well.


I hope you guys enjoyed these picks! Every album from Wilco is perfect. These selections are pretty awesome.

Bonus! Just to show you how cool they are, check out Wilco playing Get Lucky by Daft Punk:

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